Maternal Nutrition

A maternal dietitian can help you make healthy diet choices from the very beginning.

The nutrition choices we make for ourselves and our babies have the potential to affect their health. That's a pretty big burden to carry alone and a lot of information to sift through and interpret yourself! 

Dr Brooke Harcourt is able to assist you on your journey from pre-conception through to pregnancy stages, birth and first breast or bottle feed. We're also here to help with baby's first solid foods and weaning. 

As a qualified paediatric and maternal dietitian with additional training in lactation counselling, Brooke will guide you through the many stages of your babes development, and provide non-judgmental, unbiased therapeutic guidance.

Family Dietetics nutritionists can assist with:

- metabolic conditions affecting conception including; diabetes, insulin resistance, overweight, PCOS

- morning sickness and reflux

- safe pregnancy foods

- eating to childhood prevent allergies

- healthy weight gain

- gestational diabetes

- breastfeeding

- infant formula choices

- feeding dificulties

- poor growth/failure to thrive

- healthy growth curve establishment

- babies first solids

- weaning techniques

- feeding difficulties

Family Dietetics dietitians can see mothers-to-be or your baby at Private Consulting Suites or Mobile Nutrition Services.