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Media Dietitian

Dr Brooke Harcourt is an experienced media dietitian and has worked with various media outlets including: The Sunday Age, Herald Sun, 3AW, RRR, Kidspot, and Child. Brooke is available for expert comment and consultation on paediatric, maternal and pregnancy nutrition related topics. 

Menu Review

Need someone to look over your new café/restaurant/canteen/catering menu? We can help ensure that your menu caters for; 

- various dietary preferences 

- allergy related restrictions

- texture taste and cultural appropriateness

- healthy child options

Brooke has over ten year experience working in hospitality and catering so can help you develop a relevant, practical and deliverable menu. 

Childcare and School Canteen Menu Review

Childcare and school menus are required to meet strict guidelines to make sure they meet age-appropriate nutritional needs. 

Brooke is able to work with your kitchen teams to make sure these requirements are met, and that the kids will love the food you're providing. Leaving happier and healthier kids!

Group Education Sessions

Dr Brooke Harcourt is a very experienced public speaker and educator who is able to tailor education sessions for;

- expecting mothers/parents

- parents groups

- school info nights

- students (all ages!) or

- conferences

Brooke can present on a wide variety of topics from basic nutrition education, feeding techniques, allergies or other disease states, dietary preferences, cultural diets or even cooking demonstrations.

Workplace and School Professional Development Sessions

Does your workplace or school need a professional development session? Brooke can design a relevant session to suit your workplace and address your topic. Past topics include; breast feeding friendly workplaces, understanding diabetes, obesity prevention, babies first foods, and what is Coeliac Disease?  



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